Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Having Fun Collecting Data

W.A.L.T. collect data and create graphs from the data.
The Hub split into their Ako Whanau Groups and rotated through stations and collected data.  They were able to rotate jobs in their groups in order for them to try out new roles.  They timed each other, dribbled basketballs, shot hoops, researched weather temperatures, recorded their pulse before and after exercise.  There was lots of collaboration and active learning going on, not to mention the abundance of smiles.


  1. hi Papakura primary! i liked how your class went on an investigation! it reminded me of when our class did it to! maybe next time you could make a video of how and why you did it. if you liked to see my class blog here:

    keep up the good work!

  2. hi Papakura primary! I liked how your class was collecting data.This reminded me of my class room 3 collecting data. Maybe next time you could say what was fun about it and challeging about it

  3. Hey Papakura school it's a student from wesley primary school speaking.
    Collecting data is new well done.This reminds us of collecting data.Make sure to and more details next time.

  4. Hi Papakura central I really love your math and how you guys have learning it. It remind me of when we went and collected data from our whole school.Maybe next time you could put a video prove that the pictures are real like when you collected it.
    Here is my blog

  5. Hi Papakura central school I am from Wesley primary.I like it how yous were learning about data because that is new because someone else can learn how much people is in the school.I like it how yous went on a investigation and collecting data around the hole school. Anyways we learnt about data and data is about like how much people were born in Tonga and that anyways by.BY Richard

  6. Hey,

    My name is Toeumu and i am a student at Wesley primary school (WSP) in room 3 and i am a year six like some of you students. I really like how you guys were using collaboration while doing your roles. This reminds me of when i was using collaboration in my group for film festival. Maybe next time you could make a video. If you would like to see my blog here is a link

    Blog you later,
    Toeumu (T.)

  7. Kia ora team,
    Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy math - collating data as you exercise. Was there a big difference in people's pulses before and after exercise?

  8. Hi my name is Briese and I really really love that you did the tennis. Was there a big difference in people's pulses before and after exercise.
    I am a year six at Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi school.


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