Friday, 9 March 2018

Fraction Fun

W.A.L.T. find fractions of sets using addition facts.

Who knew fractions could be so fun?  The conversation about strategies was fantastic.


  1. Hello!
    I love it how your class has worked together and learnt fractions! I shall be following along with your blog! I miss you all so very much.

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Toeumu and i am a student in room 3 at Wesley Primary School. I like how you have shared something on your blog, Great work.
    This reminds me of when our class was learning fractions in maths. Maybe next time you could say why it is fun? If you would see my learning here is my class blog

    Blog you later,

  3. Hi my name is Keren and I am a student from Wesley primary school student in room 3.I really love how you guys done fraction for math and shared it with us.This reminds us of how we done it last year.Next time move out of the way so we could see how you guys like work it out.By Keren
    Blog you guys later

  4. Hi there my name is sofaia and i am a student in Room 3 at Wesley primary school. I really like you guys worked out the question.Next time you could work saying why is it fun and how you worked out the question.If you want to see my learning here is my class blog

  5. Hi my name is Phi-An and i am a student form wesley primary school.I have seen your pics about your maths and you guys are improving really made me think of when i was doing fractions and i try my best to do well like you guys so nice one.maybe work on trying to do it in your books

  6. hi! my name is Anaseini , (Ana) i liked how you all were collaborating and sharing this on your blog. it reminded me of when i did this last year. maybe next time put a video on so we could watch you guys doing it to! if you like to see my learning here
    and if you like to see me doing my things then here. keep up the good work!

  7. Hello,my name is Lino and I'm a yr 6 student in wesley primary school.I really like the way you chosed to do fractions of set.It reminded me of a time we did fractions of set.Have you thought about doing it without pop sticks,bloks and that.If you want to see my learning or my calss learning then copy and pate this

  8. hello my name is siliva and i am a year 5 student and i like the way you had told us about fractions.this time remind some of when i had learnt fractions and i have question do you know what the decimal is for 28.i like the pictures but can you give us info please.

  9. nice job school the best man

  10. Hi My name is Stevie and i love it how all of you guys work together to do your maths and you use resources to help.


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